Yuck Game Show

The Science of Slime!

School Assembly Program

Any Audience Size!

40+ Students on Stage Per Show!

The Science of Slime


Thanks for taking the time to learn about the Yuck Game Show.  I would like to introduce the show to more CCISD schools with a block pricing offer as low as $545 for one show, or $750 for two shows.  Each show is suitable or 300-350+ students.  Full details are below.

The Yuck Game Show is an exciting, highly interactive science assembly program, with 40+ volunteers per show.  Students learn about science through games and demonstrations, and are encouraged to explore further learning both in the classroom and by repeating what they learn at home.  You can learn more about it by navigating this site, or by viewing the video below:

The show, which has been presented at schools across Texas and at festivals across the US, has visited Corpus Christi only once before, at Windsor Park Elementary and Gibson Elementary in December 2013, as seen in a photo from a Caller-Times article below.  Since the show is based nearby in Houston, I would naturally enjoy introducing it to more Corpus Christi schools.  To facilitate that, I am offering a discount on the travel costs to schools that can book on the week of December 5-9, 2016.


For one week in December, you can bring the Yuck Game Show to your Corpus Christi ISD school at a significantly reduced price!  If at least two schools participate, the price would be as low as $545 for one show, $750 for two shows, or $895 for three shows.  Most schools of 600-700 will divide there student body into two shows.  For most schools, this is a savings of $125 or more off my typical pricing! 

Again, I need at least two schools to participate on consecutive days.  From that point, we can add additional consecutive dates until the week is full.  If you only need one show, the price would be $595 ($495 + $100 in travel costs).  However, if two schools want a single show each on the same day, the travel costs will be split between them, for a cost of $545 each.  Additional shows will be about $150 more.

If the week I picked is not good for your school, no problem!  If you find a second school to book with you, we can build around your dates instead.  Or you can also book a program for your school on any available date for the regular price of $675 for one show or $875 for two shows, including travel expenses.  I am simply passing my savings in travel costs on to you by picking an available week that I can be there.


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