Denver Area

The Science of Slime


Thanks for taking the time to learn about the Yuck Game Show. The show has been an amazing success in the Texas area over the last 10 years, and I am interested in bringing the show to new markets this year. I would like to make the show available in the Denver area for one week.  There will be several different opportunities for daytime or evening shows that week, with full pricing and proposed dates detailed below.

The Yuck Game Show is an exciting, highly interactive science assembly program, with 40+ volunteers per show. Students learn about science through games and hands-on demonstrations, and are encouraged to explore further learning both in the classroom and by repeating what they learn at home. You can learn much more about the show by navigating this site, but viewing the video below would be a great starting point.

The show is suitable for large audiences and for all elementary and intermediate grade levels (its content is discussed differently with younger and older students).  Group sizes of 400+ are possible, though an optimal size is 250-350 students per show.  Most schools will divide their students up K-2 and 3-5 or group two grade levels together per show.  Of course, we can also add additional shows if needed.

A breakdown of pricing is below.  All prices are per school and include travel costs from Houston, Texas.  All we need is a minimum of two days of bookings to commit to the trip, though I am hoping the price breaks below will encourage more schools to participate.

Suggested weeks when I am available include:

November 7-11

April 6-10, 2015

But if those dates don’t work for you, no problem! If you find a second school to book with you at a time I have available, we can build around your dates instead.  I am looking for at least two days of work to build off of as a starting point.

There are two ways you can respond:

  • Schedule two consecutive dates of shows of your choice to get the ball rolling!
  • Express tentative interest in booking a date on one of the weeks above if the trip is finalized!

Please contact me at or 713-502-7058