Family Science Night (Zoom)

The Yuck family science night experience is HUGELY INTERACTIVE! Students are engaged with group-led science experiments they each get to do and several of the big spectacles that everyone enjoys. You will not find a more interactive Zoom program than this. Each student actively participates in the show and will have their questions answered either through discussion or chat during the show.

The most interactive Zoom experience possible, with several hands-on student science experiments and big, exciting science demonstrations!

My kids both enjoyed the experiments this evening.  They already want to try some of the bigger ones at home. Thank you for making science intriguing!

-Parent, Exley Elementary

The students will inflate balloons with carbon dioxide, make film canister rockets, practice Bernoulli’s Principle in two different ways, and also make gases compress inside a water bottle. They will also see examples of combustion, and demonstrations with liquid nitrogen, and elephant toothpaste. It is an evening themed around the properties of gases and physical and chemical changes, with the magic of students both seeing and doing science.

The PTA/PTO can provide kits costing about $1 per student to make sure everyone has a common set of supplies, or a materials list can be provided to parents with common household objects or simple grocery store items they can pick up if they wish. Any student without any or all of the materials will still be made comfortable in the group. There will be enough big demos to keep interest high, and the activities will be presented as optional opportunities for students to share with the group.

This experience aims to build community and share together at a time we can’t all be together and also ties in with an emphasis of all my shows, which is every day science students can do at home.

Gallery view screenshot from a Yuck Science family night. The students are inflating balloons with carbon dioxide.

We loved our interactive science night, with all of our students getting to do hands-on experiments during the show.

-Rodgers Elementary PTA