Library Shows

This summer, bring Yuck Science to your library as a prerecorded video or live Zoom program!

Video Program

The Yuck Science video program aims to inspire curiosity in children about the science that is literally all around us! It takes some big concepts and distills them into fast-paced, kid-appropriate fun. Gases gurgle, hundreds of ping pong balls fly through the air, clouds form, fountains of ‘elephant toothpaste’ stream into the air, and so much more.

The video is approximately 45 minutes and will be made available for your use for a one week period on a customized web page welcoming your summer readers. An index of the video segments is provided so that children can return to watch their favorite parts again.

Pricing for the video program is $400.

Sample landing page for a video program, with introduction and video index. (Specific segments are subject to change.)

Amazing stuff! Thank you for making learning about science so much fun!

-Mrs. Montoya, Murphy Ranch Elementary

Zoom Program

The Yuck Science Zoom program is a live science experience that includes several science demonstrations kids can try at home, along with some much large demonstrations based on the same concepts. The advantages of Zoom are fully exploited by giving all children a front row seat, letting them see some big ‘science spectacles’ live that we would not be able to do in your library for safety and ‘mess’ reasons, and also taking the time to address all of their questions and comments throughout the show.

If you wish to arrange it, the library can provide inexpensive supply kits for children to do 3-4 science experiments along with me during the show (approximately $1/kit; I provide a shopping list and links for the materials). This works best with predominantly parent-child audiences so the children can have some help when needed.

Shows can be 45-60 minutes, depending on your library’s needs. Pricing for a live Zoom program is $495.

Clips from a recent Zoom show