Zoom Birthday Parties!

Would you like to celebrate your birthday with science?

You can bring science fun to your event with ping pong ball explosions, elephant toothpaste, exciting liquid nitrogen demonstrations, and more! For a hands-on experience, virtual party guests can be led in science experiments of their own (additional supplies required; shopping list provided). And with a little bit of preparation, your birthday child could even be covered in slime on the call!

Your Zoom call doesn’t have to be for children only. I’m happy to keep your favorite uncle engaged with spectacular science, too!

Yuck Science is perfectly suitable entertainment for birthday parties, school graduations, family celebrations, Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquets, and other company or community events.

The show is 45 to 60 minutes of fun, interactive science. With or without experiments, your guests will be in for an interactive experience where they can ask questions and discuss their favorite science topics. I can host the Zoom party or drop into yours.

Yuck Science has performed for over a million audience members at thousands of shows at fairs, festivals, theme parks, schools, libraries, and private events across the country.

Birthday party pricing is $350. Doing science experiments as a group require kits to be created and distributed to each guests in advance. I do not provide kits, but the materials cost to assemble them is around $35 for 20 kits. This is not at all necessary for an exciting show.