Customized Video Show

The video is about 45 minutes. It is a briskly-edited experience and is packed with the most material possible to keep the students engaged, while still taking time to focus on areas of particular interest to students from my 15+ years of presenting these concepts to them. The video is intended for elementary school age groups.

How will the video be delivered how many students can participate?

The video will be made available to the school for one week through a special page on this site so that every student will have the opportunity to view it, even if they miss a group showing. I prefer YouTube as a platform for the video because of its premiere capabilities, allowing students to chat together during the show. I can also be available for the premiere showing to chat with the students and address any questions they might have.

What is the difference between the live stream and the prerecorded video?

There are several. The video has the advantage technically simpler to implement–there is no need to schedule a time for the full school to assemble–and it has a brisker pace and will include more material due to editing. The live stream has a slower pace and benefits from increased student interaction but may cover slightly less material as a result. Both concepts cover similar ground but are really somewhat unique from one another. However, these differences are relatively minor. Whatever option sounds best for your school will be an experience that I am really proud to present to your students.

Can my video be provided on a different platform, and may I share my link with other groups?

It may be possible provide the video in a manner that suits you better, though we must limit the timeframe it is publicly available so that other groups will still be encouraged to book their own show. Please do not share your link with other groups unless it is part of our agreement prior to booking, in a case where you are a part of a group of small schools, perhaps, etc. Doing so would not be in the spirit of what we are offering, and it will also be fairly obvious if this happens from the tracking metrics available for the video.

Amazing stuff! Thank you for making learning about science so much fun!

-Teacher, Murphy Ranch Elementary
Sample landing page for a video program, with introduction and video index. (Specific segments are subject to change.)