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The Yuck Show is available as two different concepts this school year, our student-favorite live assembly program, the Yuck Game Show, and our virtual Yuck Science show.

The Yuck Game Show is an energetic in-person science assembly program based in Houston, Texas and available to schools both across Texas and the US.  The audience is divided into two teams to compete in curriculum-based science games and big, highly visual science demonstrations, with the winning team’s captain getting the ultimate prize . . . SLIME!

In this active experience, an average of 45 students per show come up on stage for engaging activities ranging from blowing smoke rings across the room to making beach balls levitate in the air, to using scientific equipment to determine the winner of silly relay games, all leading up to the grand finale of the show, when the “winner” is covered in slime!

Yuck Science is our virtual program, available as a either a live stream or a custom-recorded video production.  Students will witness different forces and reactions in play in an epic series of science demonstrations, starting with simple concepts they can easily try at home and building up to spectacles that inspire awe and stimulate interest in the sciences.

Expanding gases make things explode, balls levitate, smoke rings and toilet paper streamers fly through the air, and so much more.  And of course, it is all tied together with the slime and cream pie stunts that have been hallmarks of Yuck shows for 15 years!

On the Booking Info page of this site, you will find technical details about the live show, such as how long it lasts and how the show is managed.  (It isn’t nearly as messy as it sounds!)  You will also notice our Curriculum page, so that you can understand those tie-ins, and our Testimonials page, containing the source material validating many of those nice blurbs you might have noticed at the top of this page.   And for numerous photos and videos of the show, you need only to scroll down further on this page.

I hope you will take a moment to acquaint yourself with these shows.  It has been an exciting experience for me and for the tens of thousands of audience members who enjoy it each year, and I know it would be a great success at your school in any format you choose.

Yours truly,
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Brian Whittington
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