Yuck Game Show (live assembly)

In the Yuck Game Show, the audience is divided into two teams to compete in curriculum-based science games and big, highly visual science demonstrations, with the winning team’s captain getting the ultimate prize . . . SLIME!

In this active experience, an average of 45 students per show come up on stage for engaging activities ranging from blowing smoke rings across the room to making beach balls levitate in the air, to using scientific equipment to determine the winner of silly relay games, all leading up to the grand finale of the show, when the “winner” is covered in slime!

The Yuck Game Show is priced per show, with a significant discount for additional shows on the same day and at the same location.  On an elevated stage, the show can be performed for any audience size the room can accommodate.  This allows for the efficiency of doing programs for an entire school in 2 or 3 programs.  Most schools choose to schedule two grade levels at a time, for three shows during the day.

In addition to the show pricing, a travel fee may apply.  Yuck is based in the Houston area, and schools are asked to pay estimated costs, which may vary based on the scheduled show time, with the biggest variable being a hotel room for an overnight stay.  Typical travel costs are listed below. Out-of-Texas shows are quite possible but typically require at least 4-5 schools to book as a group to make the travel costs reasonable for each school.

If your schedule is flexible, it may be possible to reduce or share travel costs with other schools based if the show will already be in your area for a given date.

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