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  1. I was At The YUCK! show one time. Hope you can make that Noel A. Smith Video!
    that would be awsome

    1. I’m glad you were at the show, Lucas! I wish we could make videos of every show, but it is rare for us to do so at schools for privacy reasons.

  2. i’m pretty sure my son has seen all of these now. You came to Runyan this spring.

    1. Thanks, Brad, it is always fun to hear kids are enjoying the channel. I had a lot of fun visiting Runyan. Such a great group of kids there!

  3. Just wanted to tell you I think my daughter might be your number one fan, lol. She watches your slime videos all the time. I sometimes hear her counting down with you on the video. Thanks for sharing your fun show!

    1. Thank you for sharing that, Kimberely! I always enjoy hearing about kids enjoying the show.

  4. My son wanted me to tell you he enjoyed the show. He was very excited about it when he came home.

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