The Explosions Show

Imagine a crazy science YouTube video come alive . . . elephant toothpaste, hundreds of ping pong balls bursting into the air, liquid nitrogen clouds, trash can rockets flying in the air, and more!

The show is an exploration of properties of gases, starting with smaller demonstrations students can try at home, followed by bigger and bigger examples that expand on the same principles. This show introduces students to the wonders of science.

It can be presented in a couple of different ways:

  • Outdoor family science night! Those trash cans fly 60+ feet in the air, after all, so inviting your families to bring their lawn chairs and blankets for unique evening of science spectacles is a natural pairing for this show. This experience will not just be for the kids. The demonstrations are truly breathtaking. Parents will be amazed, too.

An evening show can follow daytime Yuck Show assemblies for an exciting day of science with zero duplication of material between shows. These shows can be quite popular after the kids go home buzzing about what they’ve seen already.

  • Indoor assembly or evening event! The show can be performed in a gymnasium space or modified for a stage setting. The demonstrations will be appropriately scaled for you space.
  • Fun variation to a regular Yuck Show! Adding a ping pong explosion or other elements to a Yuck Show creates a nice hybrid of these two concepts and is an excellent recommendation for schools wanting something different after seeing Yuck the year before.