Public Science – Downtown Houston Mentos Geysers!

Today, I took the Yuck Mobile on the road and did a science demonstration in a park near downtown Houston with a sweet family and a very nice man visiting from Atlanta, Georgia! We made six Mentos geysers with Diet Coke!

This is a physical reaction caused by the Mentos speeding the release of carbon dioxide gas. Notice how the streams are all different sizes? The reaction depends on the number of Mentos that actually make it into the bottle, how quickly they move through the soda, and also the freshness and temperature of the soda.

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PS. Making Mentos geysers is the only thing I do with diet soda. The artificial sweetener aspartame is a neurotoxin and is just terrible for you! I don’t drink Diet Coke or any other sodas, either.

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  1. We enjoy these so much! My son has started asking me on Mondays if there is a new Yuck post yet.

  2. We saw your show with Monroe, and my son has been talking about it all week. He is obsessed with reading your blog now.

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