Science Music – Reed & Caroline’s “Before”

VeryRecords recording artists Reed & Caroline have very kindly agreed to allow their music to be used in support of science education in my Yuck Science virtual programs. I enjoy their incredibly catchy science-themed synthesizer pop and felt like it was a natural tie-in to the theme of the show. Out of gratitude for their generosity, I’ve planned an extra post each Wednesday in January featuring one of their songs.

The first is one of my very favorites! It is the song Before, from their second album Hello Science, which was released on July 6, 2018. I heard it 3 days later and was drawn to its lyrics instantly:

It builds simple but ultimately really profound images like “the water in your glass is older than the sun” and “the photons on your screen were present on day one” into a refrain that rather pointedly distills the connections between ourselves and, well, everything. It is a perfect, bouncy pop song, with a wonderfully inspiring message. I hope you enjoy it!

If you’d like to sneak ahead and hear more, a free YouTube playlist of some of my favorites is located here, or their music is available from most music distribution platforms as well.

Reed & Caroline themselves, with a very special Buchla 200 series synthesizer in the background!