Nightmarf & Electrons

For my last post featuring VeryRecords recording artists Reed & Caroline, I decided to feature two songs, Nightmarf, a wonderful instrumental track from their debut album Buchla and Singing, and the very poppy song Electrons from the same album!

Nightmarf is a wonderful change of pace from the other tracks I’ve mentioned. This record features a very special and very rare electronic instrument, the Buchla 200. The title Nightmarf refers to the even rarer component of that system, the Buchla MARF, which is used to create sequences of notes and other events to control the system. In this video, you can see Reed Hayes performing on his Buchla 200. It is very interesting to see how people create music using unusual tools!

And I can’t not mention their song, Electrons. From the first bouncing tones of its bass line, it is a loaded with so many fun musical hooks, and from all the bobbing heads, it is an obvious audience favorite from the Yuck Science preshow!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the introduction to their music each week this month, and thanks again to Reed, Caroline, and Very Records for allowing their music to be used in the show!